Assos LS.skinFoil_fall Unisex

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The NEW generation of ASSOS bodyInsulators replaces the interactive series. It's a complete construction platform change. No more preShaped panels. Instead, we opted for seamless, tubular construction. Why? Less expensive, less restrictive, more comfortable fit. Nevertheless, the garments' performance is just as good, if not better, than the previous interactive models, thanks to the meticulously calibrated choice of the custom-designed yarn matrix.

Seamless construction allows for a pleasing, non-restrictive, total comfort fit. The textile has not been knit using flatbed technology; it is spun on tubular machines, much like a sock.

skinFoil yarns use an innovative polypropylene fiber blend that is extraordinarily light and able to absorb, transport and evaporate moisture quickly and efficiently. As well, its anti-odor fiber matrix is dermatologically tested and approved.

High performance jerseys and jackets cannot reach 100% of their performance potential if the next-to-skin layer does not function properly. Thus, the new ASSOS skinFoil bodyInsulator series has been specifically designed to go with your ASSOS jersey or jacket, from both an ergonomic and a technical point of view, making it the perfect next-to-skin layer for ASSOS riders. You need it!

Size 0 - XXS and XS
Size 1 - S and M
Size 2 - L and XL
Size 3 - XLG and TIR

85% polypropylene, 15% polyester