Deda Ellememti Parabolica Due (2) Clip-On Bars

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Deda Ellememti Parabolica Due (2) Clip-On Bars


S-bend extensions in 7003 alloy, Parabolica Due offers several hand positions perfect for short or long distance races.

Suitable for 31.7mm diameter bars and new version suitable for 35.0mm diameter.

Mechanical and electronic bar-end shifters (internal only) compatible.

Additional Info:

  • Handlebar Shape: S-bend extensions
  • Material: Alloy 7003
  • Diameter: 31,7mm, 35,0mm
  • Extensions length: Max 285mm
  • Armrest: fully adjustable with pads included
  • Finish: black matt anodized
  • Info: Approved UCI (3:1 rule)
  • Weight: 300g