Deda Ellememti Parabolica Uno (1) Clip-On Bars

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Deda Ellememti Parabolica Uno (1) Clip-On Bars


  • J-bend extensions in 7003 alloy, Parabolica Uno is perfect for long distance races.
    Suitable for 31.7mm diameter bars and new version suitable for 35.0mm diameter.
    Mechanical and electronic bar-end shifters (internal only) compatible.
    Additional Info:

    • Handlebar Shape: J-bend extensions
    • Material: Alloy 7003
    • Diameter: 31,7mm, 35,0mm
    • Extensions length: max 300mm
    • Armrest: full adjustable with pads included
    • Finish: black matt anodized
    • Info: Approved UCI (3:1 rule)
    • Weight: 404g