Giordana FR-C Tall Cuff "Lines" - Navy/Pink

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Get an eye-full of these!! Giordana's FormaRed-Carbon Socks are unbeatable when it comes to style, design and performance ability. Put simply, these are no ordinary socks by any means. In fact, they're packed with a bonanza of features which include, but are not limited to, left/right specific fit, temperature regulation, UV protection and an 11cm cuff.

For absolute comfort in the shoe, the yarn is knitted to different densities for different regions of the foot, denser at the heel and toe, and meshy where you need breathability. There is no elastic in the cuffs to break down over time. Instead, Lycra is used to ensure long-lasting performance, even after many washings.

They'll Knock Your Socks Off!!
Italian-made to elite performance level, they are constructed with Meryl Skinlife, a dynamic and versatile fibre which is both lightweight and breathable. It's also exceptionally comfortable, quick drying and very easy to care for. And the advantages don't stop there either. The fabric in these socks is anti-static, anti-stress and anti-bacterial too. If ever there was a pair of socks that would \"knock your socks off\" the Giordana FR-C Socks would have to be the leading contender.

• Small: 37-40
• Medium: 41-44
• Large: 45-48