Rudy Project Sirius - Crystal Ash - Multilaser Violet

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Rudy Project Sirius - Crystal Ash - Multilaser Violet


Introducing the cutting-edge Rudy Project Sirius eyewear: Your ultimate solution for seamless vision correction, prescription cycling, and unmatched style on the road.

Sirius represents a groundbreaking leap in sports prescription eyewear design, offering an extended prescription range that sets it apart from its predecessor, the renowned Rydon model. With Sirius, we've expanded the range of prescriptions it can accommodate by an impressive 46 percent, catering to cyclists with an interpupillary distance of 66 millimeters and beyond.

Key Features for Optimal Vision Correction: Optical Dock: Featuring replaceable oculars, Sirius seamlessly accommodates high-prescription lenses, ensuring a precise fit for riders in need of vision correction. Optical Insert: Crafted from lightweight metal, this frame houses your prescription lenses and seamlessly pairs with the sunglasses. ImpactRX: Rudy Project's proprietary, indestructible prescription lenses, equipped with cutting-edge photochromic technology. They cover prescriptions ranging from -4.75 to +8.00 diopters, ensuring crystal-clear vision in ever-changing lighting conditions.

The Sirius frame boasts advanced geometry, meticulously engineered to offer an unparalleled fit, emphasizing both comfort and style.

Our mission with the Sirius model was clear: provide top-tier eye protection and state-of-the-art vision correction, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and affordability. We've positioned this remarkable product within an entry-level price range to make it accessible to riders seeking premium eyewear without breaking the bank.

For personalized comfort, Sirius features an adjustable Ergonose nosepiece, allowing for fine-tuning in all directions. The frame itself is crafted from Rilsan Clear, a bio-plastic derived from 45% castor oil grown by certified farmers in Gujarat, India, highlighting our dedication to affordability and sustainability.

Enhanced comfort and a secure fit are guaranteed with soft rubber-coated temple tips, ensuring your glasses stay firmly in place during even the most demanding rides. Sirius's high-curvature, base-8 lenses provide superior eye protection, all while exuding a modern and stylish aesthetic.