Assos Uma Jack Black - XXS

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Part of the ASSOS Limited Edition program, which introduces a new full set of colourful products into the Winter Collection.

Uma Jack will protect you during autumn and winter. It is ideal for temperatures between 0 and 12°C, and perfect when worn in combination with uma.LL Tights.

Uma Jack is specially cut for a woman's shape, features exclusive ASSOS Airblock 851 fabric on the arms, chest and abdominal area for maximum wind protection while retaining body heat. Extra 851 Airblock protection is added to the shoulders, while the neck and upper back are made from a special elastic laminated textile to protect these areas against the wind.

Wear an Assos Interactive Body Insulator underneath your Uma Jack to keep your skin dry, warm and comfortable. Complete your outfit with a matching Stinger Cap.

54% polyamide, 36% polyester, 4% elastane, 4% polyurethane, 2% lyocell.