Giordana AV100 Shoe Cover

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The AV 100 Shoecover is perfect for those early spring and late fall days when it is not too cold or the temperature might vary greatly. Its light insulation properties will keep your feet comfortable regardless and you will be definitely be seen.

The majority of the cover is neon yellow Pixel 300 BZ, a highly reflective micro fibre/spandex material that provides maximum visibility. It also incorporates a windproof and waterproof membrane to give protection from the elements. The elasticity of the materials allows a snug, aerodynamic fit.

The rear zipper is slightly raised to prevent damage while off the bike and its covered with reflective flaps. There is an independent tab below so you can pull the cover on without putting stress on the zipper.

- All-over Pixel reflectivity

- Reflective zipper cover

- Rear pull-tab for ease of entry

Size EU Shoe Size
S 38 - 39
M 40 - 41
L 42 - 43
XL 44 - 45
XXL 46 - 47