Giordana FRC Bib Shorts (2018)

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Inspired by working with their Pro Teams, Giordana's FR-C Pro Bibs contour perfectly to the body forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and details provide a level of fit and performance that others simply can’t achieve.

HC-50™ Power Lycra has an ultra high 50 threads per square centimetre and offers more compression to increase blood flow and help delay the onset of muscle fatigue. This ultra-compact knit also translates into increased comfort and wicking capabilities and makes HC-50™ softer than other Nylon/Lycra fabrics.

The FormaRed-Carbon™ Bibs have a totally redesigned Bib Upper system. Soft 190 Mesh at the back is above all breathable but with zero lateral stretch and a finite amount of vertical stretch, this advanced system actually helps keep the Shorts and Chamois in place by preventing excess movement of the Uppers that could shift Chamois placement while riding hard.

Lightweight carbon infused Ametista™ fabric around the waist creates the Core Contour System™ that surrounds you for added stability. The carbon threads control the stretch while also keeping this area lighter and stronger to connect the Short to the Bib Uppers.