Giordana Womens Fusion Waisted Thermal Knickers

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Fusion Women's Thermal Knicker

Keeping it simple and effective, the purpose-built Fusion Thermal Knicker keeps you warm and comfortable riding through the winter months.

Every Day Essentials

This new and improved version of the popular Fusion Women’s Knicker features Mititech® Thermoroubaix®, a new brushed loft material that aids in heat retention. The unique paneling pattern supports the muscles and conforms to the body in the riding position providing an aerodynamic, body-hugging fit.

Light elastic at the waist keeps the knicker and tight in place. Reflective piping around the calves aids visibility and the top of the line OmniForm™ Aloe Vera infused Cirro S-W chamois is designed to provide maximum comfort on every ride.

Who's it for?

Everyone, from athletes just entering the sport to the most hardened master cyclists, will find lots of uses for this comfortable and purpose-built knicker. No frills, just the everyday essential piece that will keep you comfortable and riding throughout the cooler months.

Cirro S-W Chamois

The chamois is the OmniForm™ Aloe Vera infused Cirro S-W designed to provide maximum comfort for women riders with thickness that varies to uniquely support each area of the body that touches the saddle and is 14mm at its maximum. The uppermost layer utilizes an all-way stretch microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera.

  • Mititech® Thermoroubaix® fabric
  • Pixel® reflective accents for visibility at the calves
  • Aloe Vera treated Cirro S-W Chamois